The event is under the special patronage of the Marshal of the Kuyavian-Pomeranian Voivodeship Piotr Całbecki

Final act
of the Year of
Nicolaus Copernicus


Centrum Kultury
Dwór Artusa
Toruń, Poland

What are Nowe Obroty
(New Revolutions)?

„Nowe Obroty is centred around transformative and groundbreaking discoveries and initiatives that have the potential to fundamentally alter our understanding of the world. We will explore them by engaging with distinguished figures – a Nobel Peace Prize laureate, scientists from NASA, Harvard University, and the Polish Academy of Sciences, as well as the eminent pianist Leszek Możdżer.”

curator Dr. Jan Świerkowski
(Instytut B61)

Keynote speakers

Nobel Peace Prize Laureate (2011) for efforts to promote peace and fight for women's rights. Liberian Peace Activist, Trained Social Worker and Women’s Rights Advocate.
Senior Scientist for Astrobiology in the Science Mission Directorate at NASA. Author of the most important initiative to search for life on exoplanets (NExSS).
Prof. Avi Loeb, director of the Institute for Theory & Computation at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, specialises in cosmology and the search for life in the universe.
Art & science curator, artist, Doctor of Cultural Studies (Universidade Católica Portuguesa, University of Copenhagen). Founder of the B61 Institute.
Outstanding Polish jazz pianist, composer and music producer, known for his innovative fusion of jazz with other musical genres.
A professor in the field of Astronomy and Society at Leiden University, and a board member of Ciência Viva, the Portuguese National Agency for Scientific and Technological Culture.
Mathematician and theoretical physicist at the Centre for Theoretical Physics of the Polish Academy of Sciences, specialising in differential geometry and astronomy.

What are Nowe Obroty
(New Revolutions)?

“Discovering evidence of advanced life forms beyond our planet would completely transform our understanding of the world. It would be a true New Copernican Revolution.”

Prof. Avi Loeb
(Harvard University)




Centrum Kultury Dwór Artusa, Rynek Staromiejski 6, Toruń, Poland



Concert Under the Special Patronage of the Marshal of the Kuyavian-Pomeranian Voivodeship

Art & Science Concert
by Leszek Możdżer

Concert on two grand pianos, including a decaphone grand piano developed by the team of Professor Paweł Nurowski from the Center for Theoretical Physics of the Polish Academy of Sciences

The concert will be preceded by a talk with Prof. Dr. Paweł Nurowski (Theoretical Physics Center of the Polish Academy of Sciences), moderated by Dr. Jan Świerkowski (Institute B61 (PL) / CECC (PT)) 



Centrum Kultury Dwór Artusa, Rynek Staromiejski 6, Toruń, Poland



Panel marking the Year of Courageous Women established by the Assembly of the Kuyavian-Pomeranian Voivodeship

Searching for life in the universe,
discussion with Dr. Mary A. Voytek

(Senior Scientist in Astrobiology at NASA),
moderated by Dr. Pedro Russo (Leiden University (NL)/ Ciência Viva (PT))


Unlock the intelligence, passion, greatness of girls,
lecture by Dr.H.C. Leymah Gbowee

(Nobel Peace Prize Laureate)



Centrum Kultury Dwór Artusa, Rynek Staromiejski 6, Toruń, Poland



Panel under the Special Patronage of the B61 Institute

The Next Copernican Revolution,
lecture by Prof. Avi Loeb

(Director of Institute for Theory & Computation, Harvard University),
moderated by Dr. Jan Świerkowski (Institute B61 (PL) / CECC (PT))


Free tickets available at the Księgodzielni Urzędu Marszałkowskiego, Plac Teatralny 2, Toruń

Tickets for Leszek Możdżer's concert for 120 PLN available at


Platon Foundation was established in July 2005, when we decided to help young people expand their interests, acquire knowledge, and develop passions. Since 2009, we have been organising regular interdisciplinary events at the intersection of art and science – the Instytut B61.

Instytut B61 is an international artistic group within the art & science movement, established in 2009 in Toruń by art & science curator and artist Jan Świerkowski. Instytut B61 also functions as the name of a fictional research facility where artistic activities unfold. The group carries out art & science projects, mainly in the field of astronomy, in the form of immersive site-specific performances that combine elements of theatre, multimedia spectacle, happening, concert, field game, and installation. The projects of Instytut B61 are grounded in spectacular multimodal metaphors that qualitatively interpret contemporary scientific theories.

Since 2006, under the leadership of Marshal Piotr Całbecki, the Marshal’s Office of the Kuyavian-Pomeranian Voivodeship has been actively supporting cultural and educational events in the region.

Curator Dr Jan Świerkowski // Programme and organisational team: Aleksandra Bednarz, Joanna Gus, Hanna Rumińska, dr Jan Świerkowski // Curatorial cooperation: Aleksandra Bednarz, Patricia Craveiro Lopes //Graphics: Mirosław Gurzyński, Alexandra Sulżyńska // WWW: Andrzej Kilanowski, Alexandra Sulżyńska // Social media: Alexandra Sulżyńska // PR: Pracownia SZUMU, Joanna Gus, Katarzyna Jędras // Organisational cooperation: Jakub Konieczka, Małgorzata Tarkowska, Leszek Godlewski, Jagoda Kaźmierczak